About us

How can our service help you?

Why can you get the best offer on the financial market with Pafin foreigners?

We cooperate with all banks and insurance providers in the Czech Republic and because of our volume of costumers we are able to come up with the offer and conditions which suit you best.

Would you like to buy your dream house? Are you worried about your hyperactive children having an accident at home? Have you had a car accident?

We are here to help you with your financial situation, insurance of your relatives, property and much, much more. We will explain what to do in unexpected situation, e. g. how to get insurance payment after a car accident. Choose directly from ourservice.

Time is money.

We don´t just save you money but time as well. So instead of sorting out unpleasant financial situations, waiting in banks and offices, you can spend your valuable time with people who need you more. Our service is fast and efficient.

We are advisers and consultants.

Don’t worry about getting the hard sell. We won´t offer you financial products or insurance you don´t need. Our team is ready to show you the best solution, take you through all terms, conditions and agreements and will do the talking with all relevant offices and organisations.


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